Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House

Average Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House

Since you have landed here, it means that you have decided to build your dream home. Over the years, self-builds have become immensely popular as you can have a house that fits your needs. Often, the thought behind building a 4-bedroom house is easy family living and ample space.

Further, a four-bedroom house is enough for a single-family including, a master bedroom, rooms for kids, and a guest bedroom. With that being said, it is no surprise that the cost of building a four-bedroom house will be higher. Here is what you need to know about estimated costs before making any decisions.

Average Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House

The cost of a 4-bedroom house varies drastically depending on the size and design. It is better to consult a home builder and discuss personal requirements for an accurate estimate. In addition to home design and land size, the cost also fluctuates based on the number of floors.

Typically, a 4-bedroom house ranges from 140-200 square meters. Depending on the home builder and the design, it can cost around $1000 to $3000 per square meter.

Additionally, the per square foot cost is approximately $150. The cost of building a luxury house may go up to $500 per sqft. On the whole, the average cost of building a four-bedroom house is around $200000-$400000.

With that said, there are multiple factors affecting the final cost of the house. For instance, design, material, land size, flooring, site preparation, and many others.

Cost Breakdown of a 4-Bedroom House

Homebuilding costs vary from state to state, therefore, it is better to get a precise estimate from a local constructor. Generally, the cost of labor and material make up the bulk of the total cost. Moreover, there are many other homebuilding expenses that need to be considered.


Material is the most determining factor when calculating the final cost of the project. The type and quality of the material greatly affect the overall cost. Superior quality materials will increase the homebuilding cost significantly. Additionally, the amount of material needed also influences the cost. It usually makes up 50% of the total cost.


In addition to material, the labor cost accounts for 30% to 40% of the total cost. The labor cost is affected by the skill level of the worker, the type of work, the number of workers, and the time it will take to build a house.

Plans, Permits & Inspections

Finalizing a house plan may cost around $500 to $3500. Building permits are required in most areas which cost approximately $3000. Typically, the impact fee or local charges costs $3000. The owner may have to pay around $4500 for water and sewer inspection.

Excavation & Foundation

Excavation is the first expense that involves site preparation. On average, an owner is expected to spend $1400 to $3200. In addition, a typical slab foundation costs about $4500-$13500. The foundation with a basement usually costs more, between $18000 to $80000.


Framing costs are usually higher and vary depending on the type of foundation and lumber. On average, lumber framing and metal stud framing costs around $33,000 and $20000 respectively.


Roofing also makes up a significant portion of the overall homebuilding costs. A multitude of factors influences the final roofing cost. Usually, people opt for affordable asphalt shingles which range from $5500-$11500.


The house needs weatherproof, exterior siding for durability and longevity. There are several types of sidings available, from affordable to high-end. It costs about $12 per square foot.

It is up to the owner to spend as little or as much as they want on the landscaping. It is better to set aside $2000 for landscaping.

Generally, people opt for gravel or paved driveways which costs $1500 and $4500 respectively.

Electrical Wiring & Plumbing

The plumbing cost ranges between $9000 to $11000. On the other hand, the cost of installing electrical wiring is around $8000 or $4 per sqft.

Insulation & Drywall

Depending on the type of insulation, the cost ranges from $4000 to over $5000. Additionally, drywall installation costs around $25000 or $2.25 per sqft.


Prices vary depending on the type and quality of floor coverings. For instance, carpet and tile flooring cost between $30 to $150 per square meter. Laminate and polished concrete flooring can be a bit expensive and the cost may go up to $100 per square meter. Lino and vinyl flooring cost anywhere between $30 to $70 per square meter.

Doors and Windows

The price varies depending on the style, type, and quality of the doors and windows. Homeowners usually have to spend $6000 to $8500 for the installation of doors and windows.

Installing cabinets and countertops may cost an average of $6550 and $2450 respectively. The costs vary depending on the material used and local carpentry rates.


Lastly, building a house is quite stressful, more often than not, prices exceed the budget set aside for homebuilding. If you have a tight budget or do not want to deal with the hassle of building a home, buying a pre-built home would be a better option.

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