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  • Your vision comes to life
  • The home fits YOUR needs and not the other way around. This goes for each member of the family as well as the interior and exterior of the home.
  • Scope for future remodeling and addition not only for the family but also for a higher return on your investment or additional income from a backyard home/ADU 
  • Energy and maintenance expenses are predictable
  • Location of your preference


  • The effort and investment to build to your needs
  • Managing the project (it doesn’t always have to be hard though). Contact Cornerstone Custom Homes for a hassle free build.
This is a common question. Our answer: there is never a set cost per square foot to build a new home. There are so many different parameters that go into the selection of amenities that can vary greatly from one project to another. While our selection of professional artisans does not change from project to project, the scope of the work they perform can vary greatly depending on the customer’s desires. While one customer may be fine with $20,000 in whole house appliances, another may feel $60,000 in appliances is important to them. Natural stone floors, exotic natural stone countertops, outdoor living spaces, natural stone veneers, foundation wall heights, etc., can all make a significant difference in the overall cost based on the square footage of a home. Some homes also build out less per square foot based simply on the overall design. For instance, boxes are cheaper to build than homes with lots of offsets that require more lineal footage of exterior walls.
There’s an increasing trend in every builder anymore including the language “custom home builder.” While it’s true there are a lot of semi custom home builders, it’s also true there are only a select few who are truly custom home builders. A true custom home building company first creates one-off designs on paper with an architect based on the client’s desires. They then have the ability to accurately price, build, and deliver not just the completed project but also a happy client in the end. A lot of companies have stock plans they build over and over, with the term “custom” simply implying moving a wall, changing materials, or adding on to the templated plan. This is a lot different from a company whose sole focus is a totally unique, custom design that has never been built before.

Extremely! While it is true every company has to start somewhere, it’s also true that it makes sense to hire a company with a long-standing reputation in the industry. You want to make sure the owner of the company has a background with years of experience in the type of project you are looking at having completed. You also want to make sure the owner is the actual license holder for the company, that he or she has a strong financial background within the industry, that he or she constructs homes on a full time basis, and that he or she can give you numerous customer references.

If you’re ready to build your dream home, contact Cornerstone Custom Homes for a consultation. We like to spend a lot of time upfront to get a feel for what you’re looking for in your new home. We can then start the design process with one of our award-winning local architects and begin to design your new custom home!
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