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A custom home is different from a production home because it involves your input throughout the building process, from early planning to construction to the final design. Custom homes allow you to make or commission your own unique floorplan and be involved in as much of the build and design as you want. At the end of the process, you have a home particularly suited for your needs, taste, and budget.
Generally, custom homes are more expensive than production homes because clients usually pick out higher quality materials or have specific requests for extra features in their custom home. However, custom home builders are perfectly capable of working within your budget to get you the best value. If cost is a concern, talk with your builder about areas you can save money or places where a larger investment might pay off.
Custom homes can be built on land that you already own or land that you buy for that purpose. Because your custom home will be specific to you, the land it’s built on should suit your needs as well.
Designing a custom home requires some input from you, because you’re the one who will be enjoying it when it’s completed. That being said, you only need to be as involved as you want. If you pick a clear style and can have a designer make the small decisions for you, you can streamline this process. Our guess is, if you’re looking for a custom home, it’s because you want to customize the look and feel of your space. Your home builder should welcome your opinions and work with you on building the home of your dreams.
One of the most asked custom home builder questions we receive is how to outfit a custom home to increase its value. Some of the most popular ways to do this are to start with a desirable open floor plan, add energy-efficient systems, and plenty of appealing features like windows, a large kitchen or even an extra bathroom.
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