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How Long Does It Take to Build a Home?

It takes forever to save enough money to have your “own” home. However, building and having it available to live does require that much patience. The entire home construction procedure is not that simple, you do not only have to get the material, hire labour, and begin the construction process.

The reliable construction company is searched, the lot is inspected, design is made and finalized. The construction company then conducts a market survey to get the material at a cheap rate, the deal is finalized, and the material is delivered. This whole process roughly takes a month. 

Once the construction starts, if no last-minute changes are made to the plan, the house is ready in just a matter of a few months. Want to know how much “exactly” time is required to build a house? 

So, How Much Does it Take to Build a Home?

To be honest, how much time a building a home would take depends upon the design. If the design is complex, it would take around a year. However, if the structure is not that complex and the house is being built for a single-family, it usually gets done in six to seven months. 

In other words, the customs houses take 9 to 12 months whereas the production houses take 6 to 7 months. That’s just a rough estimate sometimes both custom and production houses take longer or shorter than the estimated time. It is because there are a lot of factors that can delay or speed up the process. 

The factors that affect the time required to build a home

Whether it’s a custom or production house, these factors greatly affect the time required to build a house.

Environment and weather

Weather can slow down or speed up the construction process to a great extent. For example, during the peak summer and winter season, it’s hard to keep the construction process going at the same speed as compared in spring and fall. Similarly, the environment also affects the construction process. Building a house in the Middle Atlantic region environment is much slower than getting done with it in the metropolitan areas.

Construction company

The job is on the construction company’s shoulders. If the managers and the workers work well, the job gets done early. However, if they happen to be lazy, it would take longer.

Availability of the material and workers

Shortage of labour and material can also slow down the process. However, if you have got all the required material in advance and the workers are also available, the house will surely get completed in the estimated time.

Floor plan

A floor plan can also determine how extra or little more time the house would require. If you select a standard floor plan, the construction process is done early. Contrarily, if you choose to go with a custom floor plan, it might take a few more days.

Changes in the plan

Changes in the finalized plan would not only be tiring and time-consuming as well. The last-minute changes can require a few more weeks to months to get implemented. Therefore, if you do not want any delays, try finalizing the plan only when you are truly satisfied.

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Talon Juper is Civil Engineer. He has written many research papers about construction techniques, structural design, geotechnical engineering, transportation, and environmental issues.

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