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How Much Profit Does a Home Builder make?

A home builder’s job is tough however, it is rewarding at the same. Because of the rewards, people do not hesitate to become home builders. Above all, the newbies make more money than people with 9 to 5 jobs. With time, they learn to minimize costs and maximize profit. 

Therefore, it’s one reputable yet rewarding profession if you want to make a good amount of profit every month. Want to know how much profit on average a home builder makes?

How much profit does a home builder make?

As per the industry reports, the home builders were making 19% to 20% in 2018, 21% to 23% in 2019, 15% to 18% in 2020, 21% to 23% in 2021, and slightly higher in 2022. 

During the years in which coronavirus was devouring hundreds to thousands of lives every single day, the home builder’s profit decreased. As soon as the lockdown eased and lifted, the home builders begin coming back on the track. Now that we are back to our normal lives, it is anticipated that the home builder’s profit margin would increase. 

How do home builders generate profit?

Home building is one rewarding profession in which home builders generate profit in many ways. Even though people do not want the home builders to pay much for the efforts they put in, the home builders save enough from the following;

Basic house cost

Admit it or not, the home builders generate the most profit from the basic house cost. The basic house cost means the cost incurred on building a basic house structure; the stage when the client has yet to add personal touches. As per the experienced home builders, the profit margin from the basic house structure is usually about 15%. Yes, 15%! It sounds unfair, however, if you look at the time and the energy the home builders puts into the process, it is quite a fair charge.

Changes in the pre-planning stage

Almost everyone makes changes in the preplanning stage of building a home. The home builders take advantage of the situation and generate profit by making changes in the plan in the preplanning stage. Whether the change increase or decrease the cost, it increases the home builder’s profit.


The home builders give two choices to the aspiring homeowners; standard or special option. Standard home building is also profitable but it’s the least profitable of the two above-stated options. The special home building increases the responsibilities of home builders, it allows them to make more profit as well. 

Last-minute changes

The last-minute changes are annoying but rewarding at the same time. The last-minute changes are the changes the aspiring homeowner wants to make when the construction process is started. The such changes delay and require additional time and energy to implement, communicate, and supervise. Therefore, they get rewarded for the extra efforts they put into bringing the dream to reality.


In brief, the homeowners general make a handsome profit on each project. The profit varies each year, in 2022 they are making slightly higher than 23%.

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