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We might very well ask you the same question. There are hundreds of variables at play affecting cost when designing and building a new home. Because of this, we don’t have a set price per square foot that we charge. Instead, we work closely with you from the start to determine how to get the most out of your budget.

Our highly-skilled and trained team members are taking a value-engineering approach from the onset of the design phase. At any budget level, this approach ensures you are getting the most important features in your new home all while respecting your stated budget goals.
Value engineering means continuously looking for ways to lower overall project costs while keeping the features our Cason Graye clients really want. An experienced and professional builder, such as Cason Graye, who knows how to value engineers may suggest changing the floor plans and elevations, or using different materials in specific areas. It’s one of the main reasons why you should choose a builder before starting the design process and have them involved from the very beginning of plan design.
Generally, custom homes are more expensive than production homes because clients usually pick out higher quality materials or have specific requests for extra features in their custom home. However, custom home builders are perfectly capable of working within your budget to get you the best value. If cost is a concern, you may reach out to us at 325-370-9960 about areas you can save money on or places where a larger investment might pay off.
One of the most asked custom home builder questions we receive is how to outfit a custom home to increase its value. Some of the most popular ways to do this are to start with a desirable open floor plan, add energy-efficient systems, and plenty of appealing features like windows, a large kitchen or even an extra bathroom.
Any great custom home builder will work with you to plan out cost expectations and make a plan for what adjustments can be made for quality. Once you’ve decided on a budget, Cornerstone Custom Homes will respect it. When choosing materials, we will look at all available options to make sure you get the best value. We will keep you informed of changes and discuss how they could affect your budget before making decisions that would compromise mutual trust.
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